Отделение эндоскопии сеченова-

Отделение диагностической и лечебной эндоскопии УКБ №2 Первого МГМУ им. И.М. Сеченова создано более 35 лет назад как структурное диагностическое подразделение одной из ведущих Российских (тогда. Эндоскопическое отделение организовано в году. .serp-item__passage{color:#} Эндоскопические методы диагностики и лечения, используемые в отделении. Огромная благодарность персоналу эндоскопического отделения и персонально Федоренко А.А. Доктор деликатный, внимательный, грамотный.

Отделение эндоскопии сеченова - Диагностика

Отделение эндоскопии сеченова-Department of endoscopy Building 3, floor 2 In the Department of intraluminal endoscopy of the Moscow clinical research and practical Center, all types of diagnostic and therapeutic вот ссылка endoscopy are performed. Birads маммография of the laboratory perform endoscopic studies of the upper and lower parts of the digestive tract in patients undergoing inpatient treatment, including in the framework of scientific programs carried out at the MCSC. It is possible for patients to conduct not only standard endoscopic studies — esophagogastroduodenoscopy, colonoscopy, but also to conduct studies with minimal больше на странице reactions from patients — transnasal ultrathin devices.

Under the guidance of E. Bystrovskaya, endoultrasonic studies of internal organs, both diagnostic and fine-needle biopsy, are performed at the Отделение эндоскопии сеченова. Under отделение эндоскопии сеченова control of the ultrasound scanner, the staff of the department install transgastrally various drains and stents. To assess отделение эндоскопии сеченова state of the deep видео ээг мониторинг цена in the MCSC, capsular and deep, balonnoassisted enteroscopy is performed. When conducting endoscopic studies, intravital electron-optical отделение эндоскопии сеченова is used using a confocal microscope, which allows to significantly speed up the process of diagnosis and prescribe treatment in a timely manner.

Read more Collapse The department consists of two divisions: - In the Department of интересное логопедам endoscopy under the guidance of candidate of Medical Sciences Ivan Yuryevich Nedoluzhko, in addition to complex diagnostic studies of both the digestive organs and the bronchopulmonary tree, the entire range of modern endoscopic minimally invasive operations is carried out. These, in particular, include polypectomy of various parts of the отделение эндоскопии сеченова tract, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography ERCP with subsequent transition if necessary to surgery-papillosphincterotomy, removal of concretions from the bile and pancreatic ducts, stenting of the ducts, various types of submucosal resections and dissections, mucosectomy, transluminal endoscopic and laparoscopic interventions that allow intra — luminal treatment of complex diseases with minimal trauma for the patient.

All endoscopic studies and manipulations carried out in the Department of intraluminal endoscopy are performed using the most modern technology and devices with high resolution quality. Prepare синдром раздраженного кишечника при беременности лечение clinical research.

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